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Standard Inventories

EPV flexible film and rigid film PVC inventories specialize in Super Class and Regular Double Polished Clear, Frosted Clear, Rigid and Converting Services such as slitting, sheeting, cutting, interleaving and put-up changes. Return to the EPV Family of Companies home page for other vinyl films: Vinyl Tablecloth (Nordic Shield), Expanded Films (Garden State Vinyl) and Upholstery Supplies and Vinyl by the Yard (General Rubber).

EPV maintains large and varied PVC Film inventories which enable clients to issue an order and then pick and choose from many different film product types, gauges, widths, and "hands." If the order is shipped "as is" ...meaning without converting, then the shipment will occur the same or next day via common carrier, UPS or EPV truck.

If converting is required, then all converting is done in-house which enables us to ship faster than most others for precision converted products. When a client requires a very fast turnaround for converted projects, EPV will comply by simply pulling from our large inventories, place next to our machines and experienced operators and convert to precise specifications. Doing the job with us will most times save the client two to four weeks in reduced delivery time, in addition to receiving a very high quality film, competitive pricing and precision converting.

Engineered Film Solutions

In addition to our standard inventories, EPV provides engineered film solutions to better meet your application or process. These solutions could reduce production problems, increase efficiency and decrease costs. Special design characteristics could include: Slip; printability; hand or feel; camber; lay-flat, cold crack; tint; anti-static; UV; flame retardants; mildew; surface finish; embossing; ductility; brittleness; color; non-toxic formulations; silicon treatments; special coatings and other.

Warehousing and Basic Ordering Agreements

If EPV does not have your film in our standard inventories, then we could design such film to meet client requirements and ship in total or hold under a Basic Ordering Agreement. EPV provides just-in-time deliveries to your plant resulting in off-customer-book financing that would further reduce costs, increase cash flow, remove customer floored inventory and increase valued manufacturing space.

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